Real-life Pip Boy Debuts

Check out the latest tech coming to the US Army: a Pip Boy! Okay, so it's not being called a "Pip Boy", but according to the article, this new wrist-mounted device is frighteningly similar.

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killa916064332d ago

looks like fallout 3 influenced some people,by that I mean the US Army

Next You Will See The US army equip fat mans for at4's

Prototype4332d ago

"A Lightweight Display Brings Instant Army Intelligence to Your Wrist"

Since when did Army and Intelligence belonged in the same sentence?

I can see it now...

Soldier 1 "Hey what time is it?"
Soldier 2 "Not sure, but We're almost at Mc Donalds"
Soldier 1 "Watch out! Behemoth comming!"
Soldier 2 "I'll just pull out my Experimental MIRV and blast it" (for those of us who took the time to find one)
Soldier 1 "Won't that kill us?"
Soldier 2 "No, I have infinite life code on"