Lens of Truth: Call of Juarez Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "This week Lens of Truth sat down with the first person shooter Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. If you're in the market to buy this game then you're gonna want to stick around for this one. The difference are drastically different, so stay tuned to find out which one should have stayed a piece of history!"

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5466d ago
leila015466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

Why do they keep doing 720p comparisons when we all know the X360 upscales all games to 1080p? Actually the graphics are even sharper when you play on 1080p.
Too bad, most PS3 games are 720p only, which makes the "blur" effect even worse on 1080p HD TVs.

Greywulf5466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

"Why do they keep doing 720p comparisons when we all know the X360 upscales all games to 1080p? Actually the graphics are even sharper when you play on 1080p.
Too bad, most PS3 games are 720p only, which makes the "blur" effect even worse on 1080p HD TVs. "

They use 720p because there aren't any recent of 360 titles that can actually render any field of 1080p natively.

Is full of fail.. for the simple fact that you don't even know what the "blur" effect is.. Or that upscaled 1080p is nonsense quality to begin with.I mean has Microsoft really convinced people that upscaling looks better than native resolutions?

No one that has a 1080p TV is excited about an upscaled image. I'm sorry. Nor is anyone with a 1080p looking to get high fidelity graphics from Call of Juarez, or any multiplatform game that looks ultimately worse than Gran Turismo 5 prologue, Killzone2, or Uncharted, Motorstorm2, MLB09 etc.

lets stop pretending multiplatform game comparissons are good for these discussions. The only thing they show is how far behind 3rd party developers are from Sony Developers.

I mean.. we all know you bought your console for games offered on other systems right??? lol

I agree with those below.. they should start throwing in the PC to the mix to see how gimped the console versions are. And in that way, fanboys will see that SHOCKINGLY the game is still enjoyable without an electron-fanboy microscope.

leila015466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

My point was that upscaling 720p to 1080p will still look better than just leaving the resolution at 720p. At least that's what I was told. You don't need to bite my head off for being ignorant;)

talltony5466d ago

Man dont you guys get it? It has PC architecture meaning you do not have to relearn everything in order to develop for it. The PS3 is based on the cell which is completely new architecture that when devs take advantage of it in the exclusives, no game on 360 can compare! END OF STORY!
Multiplatform games dont do either system justice anyways.

All Time Greatness5466d ago

This is an Epic win, this calls for something special.


kaveti66165466d ago

The Cell is not a completely new architecture. The Cell Microprocessor was around in the 1980s and was replaced by the PowerPC core because the PowerPC core is more efficient and is general purpose while the Cell is suited to other things. So, no, the Cell is not new, and the only reason why PS3 exclusives look awesome is because the talented devs at sony have a lot of time at their disposal. Like 4 or 5 or even 6 years.

stevenhiggster5466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

Don't you think these articles are a bit pointless now? We all know that 90%of multiplats look (slightly) better on 360, but thats still not gonna convince me to buy a 360!! If I owned both consoles then sure I probably would buy the 360 versions, as most owners of both consoles probably do.
But no PS3 or 360 fanboy is ever gonna sell up and go to the other side just because of some tiny differences that you could only ever notice by playing both side by side, which no normal person is ever going to do! So please LOT (and others) stop these pointless flambait comparisons, because that really is all they are.

LittleBigSackBoy5466d ago

@ 1.7

2 years for uncharted 2 proves you wrong

kaveti66165466d ago

Uncharted 2 has been in development for only two years. That is correct. But it is largely being built on the existing Naughty Dog engine that was used for Uncharted 1. And from interviews it is clear that ND was working on the ND engine for quite a long time before Uncharted, so IDK what to tell you. You're right and wrong. I suppose Killzone 3 won't be in development for as long as Killzone 2 was.

The Dude5466d ago

The 360 always wins multi-platform so glad I bought the 360 version :)

talltony5466d ago

Dude it is new in the sense of programming games for it. and it is always easier to program for pc games or xbox 360 games cause that is what devs are used to. And no dont give me that talented dev crap. Motorstorm 1 to 2 took how long? Uncharted 1 to 2 took how long. So yes they are talented but if they just have the cell in mind, games will usually turn out better.

kaveti66165466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

I'm not giving you crap. I'm giving you facts. The Cell is not new. End of discussion. Don't give me your, "well, it's new in the sense that..." crap. I don't need to hear explanations from people who have no idea how processors work. The Cell will always be harder to program for. Each core of the Cell requires its own compiler. None of the cores work symmetrically with each other. If you change code in one PowerPC core of the 360, the other two will update automatically. In the Cell, everything has to be changed separately. It's tedious. That is why up until now no one has ever wanted to use the Cell microprocessor.

Sony only wanted to use the Cell because last generation the PS2 had such a large marketshare that Sony thought that third party developers this generation would abandon working on the 360 in order to spend a lot of time on the Cell, since Sony thought the PS3's marketshare would be as large as the PS2s.

The Cell is powerful, but its main use lies in physics computations. That's the reason why it doesn't do well to take the place of conventional CPUs.

Plus, the Naughty Dog Engine was developed over the course of many years and then Uncharted was developed on it. Uncharted 2 is built on the updated ND engine. And please don't mention Motorstorm. It's not the graphical masterpiece anyone makes it out to be.

It does indeed take many years to learn how to use the Cell, and even then it's still tedious to work with it. You can see why most third party developers have trouble with it. It's not so hard as it is unnecessarily complicated. Why spending so much time with the cell when you can work with conventional architecture and produce comparable products in half the time?

talltony5465d ago

It is new for games end of story. And dont judge me I know more than you think, I am currently studying computers and electronics in college. You are giving me crap cause your excuse for why ps3 games look better is because the amount of time they take to come out and I just gave you two examples with motorstorm 1 to 2 and Uncharted 1 to 2. I am just saying the cell is new for games and that is it! End of story.

nycredude5465d ago (Edited 5465d ago )


Upscaling to 1080p will not always look better than native 720p! WHo ever told you that is retarded, and for you to believe it is just plain naive. Fact is upscaling is "faking" the picture image to look like the real thing and in many cases results in the source becoming blurry.

Not to mention that unless you have a tv 60 inches and above, or unless you sit 2 feet in front of your tv when playing games, the difference between 720p and 1080p is negligible.

So please next time before you call someone a nerd, know what it is you are talking about before you speak.

@Kave above

Your argument can be applied to any game. Anytime you develop your firs game on a new platform (therey creating a new engine) it will take time. How long do you think it took to creat U3 or Cryengine, or Frostbite? Fact is the only reason why it takes that long is because they are also creating the engine. Once the engine is created you can improve on it and pump out games. Do you think after they created uncharted 1 they just stop work on the engine and made Uncharted 2? They have made so many improvements it rediculous.

Stop trying to downplay the Ps3 games because at the same time you are making eexcuses for why games on the other platforms look good but not great.

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randomwiz5466d ago

if only they included pc version...

Fishy Fingers5466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

Well I guess that would make the bickering over "minor" difference look pointless.

PC build looks stunning on a good rig (like mine :) )

Pandamobile5466d ago

That wouldn't be a fair comparison.

MEsoJD5466d ago

a western shooter like this on PC is a must.

Feels so damn good firing the revolvers in this game.

Just wish that there was more open world times like

where you go to the shop and look for jobs.

stevenhiggster5466d ago

Knowing LOT, if they were to do a pc to consoles comparison then they'd use the crappest gaming rig they could so that their precious 360 would still come out the winner.

velaxun5466d ago

you don't even need a good rig. e6600 at 2.4ghz 4gb ram and an 8800gt, it's all mid range and everything maxed at 1280x720 with some AA through nvidia control panel and it runs flawlessly. It's a gorgeous looking game

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Gamer_Politics5466d ago

we already knew that the 360 version looked better..

5466d ago
commodore645466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

@ gamer_politics

Yeah, we knew that.
In most cases it's a foregone conclusion that the ps3 multiplats will be somewhat gimped compared to the 360.

It has happened consistently since 2007.
In 2008, Developers were starting to lead development on the ps3 which was supposedly going to fix the inferior ps3 ports.

However, it is now 2009 and, even with ps3 leading development, ps3 muliplat-games are, eight (or nine) times out of ten, still trailing the 360.
Witness SF4,RE5,Gdfthr2, UFC2009, Hawx, xmen, Ghostbusters et al.

Call of J is just another to add to the list.

We mustn't presume it happens ALL the time, as the ps3 can match the 360 if developers spend significantly extra time and money on its complexities, but it does happen most times.
It also begs the question of whether this practice is good business for developers.

I find it a bit disappointing, when the ps3 version invariably ends up losing, many 'gamers' complain about the silly pixelcounting, but you know what, without these objective comparisons we'd have these same 'gamers' denying that there is any difference at all, when clearly there is!

It astounds me that even WITH these comparisons there are certain users who deny that this is happening at all and bend over backwards to dilute the outcome and find ways to discredit the obvious, even implying that eurogamer and LOT are biased, as if those sites, incredulously, somehow had vested interest in the outcome.

I for one, am glad that sites like these show us the truth about the multiplat games that we all spend significant amounts of money on.

Let's face it, multiplats make up the majority of our gaming catalogue and we should have access to information which allows us to buy the best version, with our hard-earned moolah.

RudeSole Devil5466d ago

And that's whats sad. The PS3 has been out for over 2yrs and the Xbox 360 has spanked the sh@#_IT out of the PS3 almost every time. PS3 = POS3!!