Nintendo Power: Not every game was let out of the bag at E3

"In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, E3 was the subject of basically the entire issue, but when looking at next month's teaser scan Nintendo Power writes "Not every cat was let out of the bag...". You can see the scan below."

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Product4329d ago

StarFox... Nintendo, do it!

Rainstorm814329d ago

Starfox is one of ninty's best, a remake would satisfy alot of fans

Trebius4329d ago

With the wiimote and next gen (almost) graphics the next star fox game should really be able to shine.

Some co op or online multiplayer and it would be a AAA for sure.

SpoonyRedMage4329d ago

Could be a plethora of games, Miyamoto hinted at a new Kid Icarus didn't he?

Product4329d ago

Well I have a feeling it's something from a third party not Nintendo, but doesn't Nintendo have a fall conference?

SpoonyRedMage4329d ago

Don't know. Well third party's very possible because a few third parties seem to be interested in the Wii(like Bioware) and also there's the thing about Square Enix and Intelligent Systems making five more games which is what I want to hear about:P

Rainstorm814329d ago

ive been waiting for a new kid icarus since the N64. it seems like nintendo just got the point that they should remake classic titles like punch out and the boy and his blob

Product4329d ago

Good call, a boy and his blob looks so good. The game will be a challenge, but I feel most "hardcore" players will dismiss it for looking to cute. They should play the original and see how cute the difficulty was.

I say start remaking every great Nes game made at this point for Wii haha. Give me a Little Nemo: Dream Master and I'm set.

mfwahwah4329d ago

He didn't hint at it, he pretty much said just wait for it.

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Sgt_Slaughter4329d ago

Remember the teaser e-mail Nintendo sent the one website? Think about that. ( Smash Bros. DS PLZ!!)

SpoonyRedMage4329d ago

I would love that but I'm not too sure it's going to happen. A full level editor(in the vein of Mario vs DK 3) would be awesome as well.

I wonder what unique characters they could have?

Sgt_Slaughter4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

I could see new characters like mew, knuckles, and bomberman. Plus new items like a Pikmen ball (gives you 5 pikman to use), and a Picto-chat level that you could draw your own level and save it, or draw objects while people are playing via DS. A 6-player wi-fi battle mode, too!

Quadrix4329d ago

Klonoa, Megaman, Little Mac, Issac, etc. A new Super Smash Bros. would have plenty of choices in terms of playable characters.

n4f4329d ago

we all know quit teasing and release already
kid icarus anyone
kirby wii
name it but release it

phantomexe4329d ago

I'd like to here more about monado the begining of the world rpg.

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