iPhone To Get Full 3D GTA Style Game In Gangstar: West Coast Hustle

AppGamer writes "It appears the folks over at Gameloft have been sitting on a rather large secret: they have been working on an iPhone version of their mobile game Gangstar: West Coast Hustle and its looking rather incredible.

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle is a fully 3D crime game set in an open world just like the Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row series..."

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SpoonyRedMage4323d ago

ahh, so that's what the trailer was about?

What do the Guillemot brothers have against Rockstar anyway?

First COP: The Recruit and now this?

Mindboggle4323d ago

Gameloft are absolute masters of ripping off other peoples games. Look at their iPhone games..

Guitar Rock Tour : Guitar Hero rip off
Hero of Sparta : God of War rip off
Lets Gold : Everybodys Golf
Diamond Twister : Bejewled

And now the most blatent GTA rip off ive ever seen. Its like Carl Johnson in a city that is crossed between Los Santos and Vice city...

SpoonyRedMage4323d ago

Yer but shhh. Their games are quite good value despite being rip offs.

You forgot about the Asphalt series ripping off Need for Speed and Burnout.:P

Silellak4323d ago

True, but until those franchises actually come to the iPhone, I'll take "Gamesloft's rip-offs" over "nothing at all" any day.

poopsack4323d ago

i find almost all of gameloft's game quite enjoyable. their terminator game is very similar to the console versions, they even ported asasin creed ds onto the iphone, and they made the 3rd person Brother in Arms game.

Blaze9294323d ago

I own a iPhone and just cant really get into the gaming side of it for games that just screams the need of buttons. For games that dont need it like Tap Tap it works so well and use the accelerometer so well etc. But I hate the fake movement with a virtual pad for games like Assassins Creed and Hero of Sparta. Can only wonder how this will work

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Axecution4323d ago

Looking good.

I cant help but wonder what Nintendo is thinking right now...

KR1ST0F3R4323d ago

if it is good i hope it comes to android

phalanx_mark4323d ago

graphically its not even up to par with vice city stories, this doesn't surprise me coming from gameloft. like someone said better than nothing and if its cheap i might bite.

dolomite4323d ago

Who cares, just play it.

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