Japanese Developers Speak out on Behalf of Western Gaming - Part 3

In part three of GP's translation of last week's Famitsu series, these last two Japanese developers offer their opinions on American and European games.

The first interview is with Tsuyoshi Tanaka, producer of the Monster Hunter series, currently one of Japan's most popular titles. However, he has since left Capcom to join a company called Engines, Ltd., in which he works in planning and production for games, advertisements, and other publications.

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Keyser4292d ago

That was a good read. Its good that they are at least paying attention to the differences between Japanese and western gamers. It was kind of shocking to hear that they read manuals to play a game. I don't use a strategy guide until I'm stuck! I have a friends who love the cheats but for the most part we just start playing and hope there is a little tutorial! Picking up any help is a last resort.

I think we still have a lot to learn from each other and perhaps together we can create that completely original game that he's talking about that will be accepted widely by Western and Japanese gamers.

ITR4292d ago

I don't know I usually read the manual first then play the game or start playing while still reading the manual.

SmokeyMcBear4292d ago

wait you guys talking about game manual ( strategy guide ) or instruction manual ( the one that comes with the game), cuz i read neither.. haha. Just test out the buttons and explore the game. If you don't find it.. well, you didnt look hard enough, don't look at a magazine to tell you where every thing is.. takes the whole fun out of the game.