A Fanboy Confession: Shadow Complex Preview Or How I Learned To Stop Hating And Love The 360

UGO's PS3 fanboy Rene Rosa writes,

"This impressive hammer of gaming drops sometime in August for a competitive price. Honestly, for someone like myself, this may very well be the exclusive title that forces the few Microsoft-free hold outs to finally pick up an Xbox 360. Yes, my household is purely PS3 and Wii at this point, but this will change very soon. I've only had a taste of it and already I want this game more than food and oxygen, and I'm a fat asthmatic!"

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sonarus4332d ago

Oh Wow i spent 400 dollars on a console to play 2 side scroller. AWESOME. I mean forget pushing consoles to the max lets step back so we can hype a 2d side scroller