360 titles given next-gen barcodes

Microsoft is to introduce a new barcode onto Xbox 360 games this year, which can hold double the amount of data than the commonplace black and white stripes.

Microsoft has said consumers could interact with the new barcodes, using webcams and mobile phones with cameras.

Microsoft engineering director Gavin Jancke, who developed the new High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB), said the aim was not to replace the current barcode system, reports the BBC.

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2tired2day2hate4199d ago

pretty creative. hope something decent comes of this

grifter0244199d ago

True but I dont understand what the point is... Is it going to be like those games where you get the barcode and get a monster or something like that??? Wonder how they are going to use this... cant wait.. Maybe like the NIN disk .. Virus Campaigns..

Grown Folks Talk4199d ago

absolutely no problems with the rockers.

Cartesian3D4199d ago

lol... I saw "360 titles given nextgen.." then click , then I saw "barcodes!!" ...

very very exiting news!! thx MS for this new technology for people.. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.