What Are the Most Prominent Gaming Trends in This Generation?

Associated Content: "A new set of video game systems arrives every five years or so (even longer is some cases). Each gaming generation brings along a bunch of new features in addition to the usual hardware upgrades for audio and visual. For example, the Playstation and Nintendo 64 brought 3D graphics to the home consoles."

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RememberThe3574327d ago

I mean I love shooters, but damn... Can I get a quality RPG every once in a while. Or even a quality action/adventure game.

We need diversity, people.

Max Power4327d ago

it seems the majority of the games I've bought this gen have been shooter based, still waiting for the localization of WKC and Demon's Soul.

Myst4327d ago

I agree with you both, I am not a fond person of FPS; but I will say that the ones that have been coming out surely makes one who does not like them take a small peak at what's in store in the game. One example being KZ2.

I'm also waiting on White Knight Chronicles as well as Demon's Souls; but I've also been finding some fun in Cross-Edge, Folksouls/folklore, Disgaea 3 hopefully and then the rest. Right now I'd say my sights are set more so on Demon's Souls than anything else as it reminds me quite a bit of Monster Hunter.

Rainstorm814327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Thanks to Halo making console FPS games viable, we have an onslaught of mediocre FPS games except for a good 4-5 titles. Its gotten so bad other genres are starting to be made in first person. We need more RPG Action adventure or even TPS. or a GOOD TPS i should say

unbiasedgamer2514327d ago

Motion controls and Casual games, and I stay far away from both. Hey, RememberThe357 for a good action adventure like games I would highly recommend the Ratchet and Clank or Uncharted series, but beyond those and a few upcoming games there is a lack of "quality" adventure games and a complete lack of decent rpg's.

Rainstorm814327d ago

It seems Motion controls and Casual games are starting to climb up that list as well. But we do need more Quality RPG and Adventure games not the flood of FPS and Casual games.

DwightOwen4327d ago


No, HALO:CE was a breakout it. Halo 3 is a SEQUEL to that breakout hit.

Another ignorant author.