Will Motion Controls Become Standard?

Koku Gamer writes: "Nintendo's main focus thus far has been expanding their audience to more demographics. But for Sony and Microsoft, they seem to still have the attitude that they would be serving the so called "Hardcore" first and foremost. But now things are different. Microsoft introduced Project Natal, their own motion based camera that takes it a step further than Nintendo by allowing gamers to use body motions to manipulate what the game does and how it plays. Sony then introduced a prototype motion control that utilizes the Playstation Eye to track the controllers movements. Hell, even Ubisoft had its own motion camera that will be packed in with their new fitness title."

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Funqy4332d ago

I don't think they'll be standard for awhile. Though it's new technology and people want to check it out, and now with MS showcasing Natal, it may become big soon, but I can't see it overtaking the gamepad.

Ziriux4332d ago

And it never will. The game companies may convince the casual non-gaming parents to such technology, but us gamers will never let such a gimmicky technology get to us. We like our controllers and that's the way things will stay.

WengYong4332d ago

I dont think it will become standard, and I think it will destroy games and the way they are developed. After a long days work the last thing you want to do is have to jump around like a lunatic to play a game.

Controller For the win baby.

RememberThe3574332d ago

After a long day I don't want to jump around swinging my arms. Sh*t, I don't want to do that in general.

Ziriux4332d ago

Shoot even the vision cam made my arms tired after 20 minutes.

Rainstorm814332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Standardizing motion controls could be devstating to the hardcore gaming community. Casual games have low development costs and are easier to make, with companies like EA sports already making their games with casual crowds in mind (Madden IQ anyone?) more games will take less skill to play. Motion control should carve its own niche but not be standard, all games cannot be motion control.

For anyone that thinks NATAL/PS Motion WONT create a new level of shovelware you are in denial. Motion Control has the ability to kill the Hardcore Gaming Industry, once the core audience is comprised of mainly casual gamers every system will be like the Wii as far as game library.

This could be a revolution, a Casual Gamer Revolution. scary huh?

kunit22c4332d ago

just pointing out the obviouse Natal=Made for casual audience. Wii Remote=Made for Everyone. Sony Motion Controler=Made for hardcore. facts people.

edhe4331d ago

Agreed, it's like saying that dictation will take over typing..

Natal will add a more natural interface, even moreso than the Wii, but unlike the Wii it'll also keep an ergonomic joypad for use in core games.

I think it's a good solution to keep it seperated, instead of trying to 'redo' the controller for the less core.

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Wriggy4332d ago

Personally, I hope it doesn't. When I get back from a long game, I'd prefer to sit down and play than be active though there are circumstances where I would perfectly acceptable to use motion controls.

Ziriux4332d ago

Exactly you don't want to get home and tire your self out even more. You want to relax and play.

Downtown boogey4332d ago

What is relaxing and playing? I thought games were supposed to be intense, adrenaline-fulfilled adventures. How's that relaxing? Especially multiplayer games... Relaxing? On the contrary!

edhe4331d ago

Probably by not playing those games which are tense.

When i'm playing i'm letting off steam at the end of the day. I'm tired from work, commute, sometimes cooking family dinner, dealing with [now] 2 kids before the watershed hits and it's bedtime.

After the other half watches her soaps i get online to chat to mates, blow shat up and if i'm feeling like it - go play some matchmade games that'll be 'fair' for me [and others].

That's relaxing. Jumping into COD to get spawnraped is not relaxing.

DeadlyDevil4332d ago

It'll never happen, KB/M and Controllers still appeal to the majority of people, this motion crap is more for casual gamers. (kids and teens)

edhe4331d ago

Motion control will have it's extended uses. It's just a fad to try to replace perfectly workable controls with it just now.

Instead of replacing the controller, compliment it. Like natal with the dashboard - sure it's easy to use the controller to go through the dash but natal gives you an alternate. Same semantics, different syntax.

That's what it's about.

JoeyC4332d ago

Ultimately its going to depend on how serious Microsoft and Sony take it. And whether or not the content is good enough to the point were more than just the "casual" can enjoy it

Ziriux4332d ago

Yea certainly. MS cannot fail to support the peripheral like it did with the Vision Cam. I mean they put a lot more money and thought into this so hopefully it works out but does not become a norm.

Xeall4332d ago

May become a standard add on but i doubt it will ever replace the trusty controller

Shade3604332d ago

Yeah - no matter what - some people will prefer a 'real' controller.. and Im one of them..

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