Atlus Needs Your Help To Name Kenka Banchou 3

Gaming Union writes "Atlus USA have just announced that they will be bringing Kenka Banchou 3 to North America. Previously the game had only been released in Japan, but given its success, Atlus have decided to bring it stateside.

However, obviously the name of the game isn't exactly going to roll of the tongue for most North American games, and it's something that Aram Jabbari, the Manager of PR for Sales at Atlus recognises:"

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Selyah4322d ago

Interesting approach, the name sounds kinda intriguing as it is though.

ShawnCollier4322d ago

Already voted. Game looks interesting. :)

somekyle4321d ago

Let's name it 'Atlus Game 2009 #6' :D

mephman4321d ago

It's coming out in 2010. :p

Baka-akaB4321d ago

As long as it aint "Gansta' Dance" i guess i'll be fine

Tony P4321d ago

I actually wouldn't mind "Awesome Master of Badass Beating-Up-People Guys."

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