Why 3D is the new HD

David Houghton of GamesRadar UK writes:

"3D is just a tacky hold-over from the 1950s, right? A garish, eye-straining gimmick that makes your brain vomit up a rainbow of fruit flavours in exchange for a few pop-up zombies on sticks. It was cinema's desperate knee-jerk reaction to the increasing dominance of TV during the chrome-plated days of white picket fences and Godzilla. Today it's Jim Cameron's desperate knee-jerk reaction to the increasing dominance of bit torrents.

Yeah, that's what we used to think too. But not any more.

After a lengthy play with Blitz Games Studios' upcoming 3D tech, our doubts have dissipated. 3D isn't going to revolutionise gaming overnight, but even at this early stage we can see very definite parallels between it and the beginnings of a certain other display technology ending in "D". The comparisons to the early days of high-def are obvious, and we think 3D's future will only compound them. Here's why."

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DasBunker4331d ago

im more excited about 3D than the motion controllers most people are worshipping now.

DaTruth4331d ago

Now we have to listen to the inevitable HD fanboys who bought the console with no 3D on every forum saying; "Teh 3D is not necessary!"

Socomer 19794331d ago

speak for yourself gamesradar.

Johnny Rotten4331d ago

I went to go see the Pixar movie UP in 3D and it was something else. I was never interested in 3D before but now I'm sold, I can just imagine what games would look like.

Pandamobile4331d ago

I play Team Fortress 2 in stereoscopic 3d. It's so awesome. There's no colour distortion like you'd get with the red and blue glasses, only problem was it cost $500 for a 120 hz monitor and the glasses themselves.

nycredude4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

If you guys are into 3d you HAVE to watch the remake of My Bloody Valentine 3D in the theatre with the stereoscopic glasses.

That makes the best use of 3d so far I've ever seen. I actually bought th bluray version recently and although it doesn't have the stereoscopic 3d, the good old fashion red and blue system still delivered quite an experience.

PS: There is a 5 minute long full frontal nudity shot of some girl being stalked before killed by the killer...