For the Love of the Game

GrE writes, "There are games out there that just aren't possible to finish or "beat." There are games out there that you never WANT to finish. Then there are the games that you play over and over again, never getting any further than the play before, and for no reason.

First, games like Tetris, Lumines, and puzzle games of the like aren't really games that you finish. These are games of dexterity and skill more than completion. You play these games to show your friends (and enemies) that you are better than them and can stay literally in the game longer than they can. It's hard to count out games like these simply because pretty much everyone and their Grandmother has played at least one session of Tetris at some point. However given their style of play these are more for one-upsmanship than anything else..."

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CrAppleton4324d ago

Ah.. great games.. and no time to finish them.. I have SO many unfinished games at home, most of them I still WANT to go through

Neco5124324d ago

Yeah, I seem to find that I just keep buying more and more games and tend to forget about the older ones, even if they're good games.

CrAppleton4324d ago

Totally agree though.. there are games out there that you just DON'T want to finish

roblef4324d ago

"If I really wanted to get frustrated by a guy that can see me from 2 miles away and pop a shot in my ear canal from the same distance, I would join the real Army."


bgrundman4324d ago

Everyone is a sucker for a good Zelda story.

supercharger51504324d ago

Unfinished games are a sign of the times. There's too much going on, too much that people try to take on.

bgrundman4324d ago

that, along with the fact that games are too long... I know that seems odd to complain about, but most are... I prefer the shorter experiences.

Jmlopezbr4323d ago

Really? I feel the opposite sometimes. Games have gotten shorter, except for the good ole RPG. I am still not complaining because I love a lot of games that only have about 8 hours of gameplay, but once I beat it, my interest in the game just shifts elsewhere. I find it hard to go back through a game I just beat. But this is of course my opinion.

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