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NegativeCreepWA3918d ago

That's easy, one 360 is all you need.

velaxun3918d ago

meh these won't make my computer cry. Crysis makes it cry... actually it makes it commit suicide, but these are more mid range than anything really.

Christopher3918d ago

The recommended is easy to get on desktops today for about $1k. Now, for a laptop it's slightly different, but my low-end Alienware will be running this well enough :)

TheIneffableBob3918d ago

That's really not high at all. It's about mid-range. Those specs are pretty standard for many desktops nowadays.

bit-tech's $500 computer meets the recommended requirements easily.

Jhun3918d ago

So yea, why do we need an 8800 for this game again?

To be honest with you it doesnt look stunning enough to be worthy of an 8800 considering an 8800 is still a pretty darn decent graphics card

kaveti66163918d ago

Yeah, I just saw some gameplay, and while it looks great for an MMO, I don't understand why it needs those kinds of specs to run it.

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