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Actually, the starring creature kind of reminds us of Funzo from The Simpsons; so adorable, that even men of Lenny and Carl's age must have one, even though it is, as the trailer seems to imply, aimed at children entirely without cynicism. With the PlayStation Eye not making the same impact that the EyeToy did last generation, this high-concept piece of software might be enough to jump-start sales of the PS3 camera.

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Syronicus4324d ago

Man this kind of stuff will get them excited. They love our cat and anything else furry so this will be an instant win at my house.

Arkham4324d ago

Sony suggested that they will be offering a pack-in with the Eye, so my wife and I are going to pick Pet up that way. Should be fun. Too cute.

sinncross4324d ago

Sony should really include a 2 game deal that includes both Eye of Judgement and EyePet with the Eyetoy, and bundle it with a PS3.

Eyepet looks like a neat offering, mainly for children, but if they can emphasize the nature fo the eyetoy, then the platform can be better set for their motion controller.

callahan094324d ago

I agree. Eye of Judgment is a special game. Just top-notch in terms of design. The tech is incredible, the idea of having a true collectible card game that I can play without having to have a friend in the room with me is simply genius. And the balancing of the cards is just about the best I've ever seen in a card game. There is no "I've got this card, so I win" card. Light-weight, low cost cards can be just as effective as heavy-weight, high cost cards, it all really comes down to strategy, and you can't win with just heavy-weights, because you'll be dead before you can get two cards on the board.

It would have revolutionized the CCG industry if only they had worked harder at getting the damned cards in stores. The things were practically impossible to find when the game launched, and literally impossible to find now (unless you order online). I mean, you've got Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, World at Warcraft, etc. all as collectible card games, you can find the cards at the supermarket, at target, I even see them at Model's sporting goods. The cards are covered alongside Magic and other ancients in magazines like Scrye. But Eye of Judgment never got off its feet to that level. It's a shame. I would kill for a Set 4. The game is just so much fun.

ptotoy4324d ago

and sony will release it this year.. unlike natal which will be released on the next xbox.. and still look last gen

Socomer 19794324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

The eye of judgement is really good game that amazes you before and long after youve played it.

It surprises me that most people didnt find having the pseye bundled with the eye of judgement a really valuble deal. In america it was $70 dollars all together. If you had traded some games for it, it would be a steal as the pseye which is a microphone too is about $40 dollars by itself.

I guess people just didnt think you was either buying a game($60) and a pseye for $10 dollars or the pseye($40) and a game for $30 dollars. This was in america and most people dont use thier brains here anyways. Still, there is alot of people still online.

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