Appmodo: Real Soccer 2009 Review

Appmodo writes: "Gameplay for Real Soccer 2009 goes back to the basics with an onscreen d-pad for movement and a A and B button for passing and shooting. There are two ways to go about learning the gameplay, and both I found equally instructive. There is the Control description in the Options menu, and also in the Gameplay menu, there is an option for a hands-on tutorial. Those unfamiliar with sports games, I would definitely recommend using the hands-on tutorial.

I found the hands-on tutorial very helpful, but by the end of the advanced tutorial, I felt slightly overwhelmed by the amount of moves available to you during gameplay, such as the lob shot, or the two-tap pass. Depending on how long you held the shot, and where you moved your finger after, affected the power and angle of passes and shots on goal. While not too hard to pick up, at times during the middle of a match I could imagine some could become flustered with too many options and not enough time to process a response."

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