appVersity: Evacuation Review

"Evacuation" by Bennett Foddy is a lot like the above example. Here we have a puzzle game, but there is enough hidden inside it to make it a nice little grab. You might have seen the Flash version of the game before, and in case you haven't do a little search for it and you can try it out for free before deciding if you want the take around version of your device.

In the game you are in control of a space ship that has the age-old problem of aliens in the cargo hold. As anyone who's watched the movies knows, the best way to get rid of these evil pests is to shoot them out the airlock.

You do this simply by opening doors that will suck them into their pitch-black hell. The only problem is that you've got crew members who are roaming around the hold as well and you don't want to suck them out.

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