appVersity: iYamato Review

There are a lot of World War II games out there, so what makes iYamato unique. Well, this time, you're playing as the Japanese, and it's great fun too.You are in the command of the largest and most heavily armed ship in naval history, the Japanese Yamato, which was said to be unsinkable. Now, using your artillery, you'll have to fend off an endless fleet of American aircraft, which will drop a variety of bombs.

The Yamato comes equipped with two main guns, which fire continuously, and two cannons. The cannons take some time to reload so you'll have to use them opportunely. The game ends when you can no longer fight of the enemy and they sink your ship.

One really nice twist is that depending on where your ship is hit, it will sink in that direction. This means that your ship can become lopsided and that you can lose access to some of your guns.

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