Sony PS3 theme for LG Arena KM900

The Sony Playstation 3 is the sophisticated gentleman of this generation's console war.

This generation's console war has been a tough fight, but it's not over yet. Who's going to win? The PS3, the Xbox 360 or the Wii?

Show your allegiance with this Sony Playstation 3 theme for the LG Arena KM900. It features wallpapers just as sleek as the console itself, plus a ringtone of the PS3 start up sound. Give your Arena a full makeover with this PS3 theme. It's free to download.

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Socomer 19794332d ago

Nice to see some recognition of my finacial attitude when it comes to my purchases. Yes, I do enjoy the good life and I like to show it.
(put nose in the air and looks down at the little people)

Taa Taa.