The Hunter Announces Over A Million Online Visitors writes: "Emote Games and Avalanche Studios have announced that its public portal for The Hunter has received over one million visitors since April. The Hunter is one of the most realistic and beautiful hunting games available today and far better than most store-bought hunting brands. Players can sign up and play for free, albeit with some limitations. We reviewed The Hunter and found it to..."

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TheIneffableBob4329d ago

This a pretty cool game, imo. It's probably the cream of the crop in graphics among free games.

darkmurder4329d ago

Dare I say it but it looks better than Crysis.

Mikerra174328d ago

even for a person that dosnt have any hunting experience, they will still like this game, this game is not for people who are impatient.

This does have a hook to get you in, it is free, but in the same way that crack is for first time users, you have to pay for a membership if you wanna fight whitetale, elk turkey etc.