Remedy: Alan Wake is only the first season

It looks like we'll be getting more from Alan Wake's psychological thriller.

When Alan Wake eventually comes out for the Xbox 360 in early-2010 (the PC release is currently up in the air) it looks like it won't be the end of the psychological thriller author's adventures.

It's already known that Remedy Games is targeting an episodic-like structure for Alan Wake, but it wasn't clear that the developer was targeting further entries.

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RememberThe3574322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

lets hope it sells well. I don't want to see it canceled like my beloved Firefly.

I'm kind of liking this idea of having "seasons", it has a fresh feel to it.

Bnet3434322d ago

I'm not a fan of this. I want full retail releases, $20 a pop episodic DLC.

Traveler4322d ago

Yeah, it's a real shame they canceled Firefly, it's better than 95% of the stuff on tv nowadays.

Anyway, Alan Wake is looking really good so I think it has a good shot at being successful. I just hope they don't delay the PC version too long since that is the platform I would prefer to play it on.

gaffyh4321d ago

Please don't do this Remedy, episodic games suck, look at Half-Life it takes years for the next episode to come out. However if they are just saying it is part of a bigger story i.e. a trilogy of games, then I don't mind.

evrfighter4321d ago

"episodic games suck, look at Half-Life it takes years for the next episode to come out"

LoL it's not that something labeled an episode takes years to come out. It's just....

Well it's Valve we're talking about here. They aren't known for jacking up a lot of franchise titles in short periods.

well that's not technically true anymore though.

Tony P4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

I'm not a big fan of hearing about this kind of thing before the game is even out. I remember reading an article with sage advice: don't announce a trilogy/quadrilogy before your first drops.

All hype aside, there's no guarantee your game will be that well received or that your studio will even be made of the same guys by the time you get to the sequel. It is a high risk industry, especially in this economic downturn. "But this is Remedy" some people say. Yeah well go ask Mythic, Midway, Ensemble, ACES, id, etc. Things can change fast.

Geriatric Hero4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

I hope this doesn't turn out like Prince of Persia, where you had to pay 60$ for the game and then an extra 10$ to see the ending.

It's just crazy how much gamers are being ripped off this gen. If they want to sell us half a game, they're gonna have to charge us half the price.

Please Remedy focus on developing a excellent full game with a beginning and an end. Then you can start thinking how to build on that.

evrfighter4321d ago

"It's just crazy how much gamers are being ripped off this gen."

If there's one message I want both sides of the console camps to understand. It would be this.

I'm just amazed that the majority of console gamers can be surprised by the boycotts and such. Simply for the fact that developers have been rippin them off for years. It's been programmed into console gamers to pay full price for what would be considered an expansion pack 4-5 years ago. Or 10-15 dollars for what's always been included in patches for more than a decade for free...

With Valve taking the charge full price for expansions worth of content approach. Blizzard charging full price (iirc) for 3 starcraft 2 campaigns (1 for each race) then to top it off disabling the very feature that made starcraft a success to begin with. Treyarch not releasing map packs until they get a corporate sponsor to give them a fat check up front before they upload it because they know pc gamers won't pay for it.

pc gaming is beginning to see the fallout of how lucrative ripping off console gamers can be. to put it simply...

The next couple of years for the pc is gonna blow.

Sanzee4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Truth be told: It's all the same! Sequels or DLC... not the point. With AW, certain DLC could appeal to you if your in-game choices apply to that specific "branched adventure". People think that just b/c Alan Wake has been in development since 2005, it's going to be out of date. Quite the contrary my friends... Remedy has learned to perfect the GFX technology from the 2005-2009 period.

While other companies just kept updating, Remedy learned to master what they already had. As for the 5 year development cycle, I think it's obvious we'll be seeing alot more of AW. Remedy wouldn't let 5 years of development be summed up by a single experience. That would be damaging to both gamers and the company's finances. Instead, their getting the most out of Alan Wake's unique situation.

They've turned the burden of a delayed game into a profitable situation. No doubt MS had a hand in it. In other words, Remedy did what 3D Realms should have.

techie4321d ago

What I gathered was that the game itself is a bunch of episodes included on the one disc, not that it's one episode. The second season of episodes will come on another disc.

vhero4321d ago

Yep and your probably gonna have to wait 4 years between each one like with Alan Wake I mean how long does it take to make a game these days? COD games take around a year and come out looking great and become one of the worlds best games proving devs are just lazy especially the devs of alan wake..

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Natsu X FairyTail4322d ago

oh snap!

You just know that this will be a Crazy AAA game that will get a Movie in the future.

they're doing this on purpose they are Hyping me like crazy!

hahah I cant wait for this

KionicWarlord2224322d ago

Dont get too might kill yourself.


kazan4321d ago

why do you behave like a 5yr old with a DS?! it just doesn't look cool :|

matt2474322d ago

I remember them saying that in 2005

Greywulf4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Remedy has yet to show anything that reminds me of the max payne heritage. The story/The feel/The maturity/The graphics..So far you have the mechanic of using light in the dark to expose zombies to shoot. o_o which I can't say is innovative.. Neither is using flares.. or flashlights...

2005 to 2009, I'm not on the fence about AW. I'll buy it when I see SOMETHING about the game that isn't in Alone in the dark. Whats shown is nothing close to the 2005 PC Tech Demo things that were shown. I remember AW was supposed to show off physics/weather/scale/sun-nigh t. Now im supposed to be excited that I saw a character shoot something?

Remedy has "said" a TON of things.

KionicWarlord2224322d ago

"Yeah we see Alan Wake like a DVD-box containing the first season of a bigger story.

"It is like a TV-series that became a game. The story is cut into episodes that are all ending with a cliffhanger."

I remember remedy saying this awhile back . But it`s good to refresh people waiting for this game.

Alan wake ftw.

4321d ago
mfwahwah4321d ago

This is a good thing? Telling me that I'll be buying a game with no closure? That I'll have to pay full price down the road to continue my save file?

No thanks. This game just became a rent for me.

PirateThom4322d ago

At first I was disappointed it wasn't going to be open world, but the fact they're really working the story completely made me forget or even care. I have a feeling this will be special.

PirateThom4321d ago

I bought a 360 for Alan Wake... been waiting a while.

5 disagrees, though. People are idiots, and they know who they are.

Bnet3434321d ago

Yo, PirateThom I got love for ya (no homo), it's just weird to see you like 360 games. I know you have all systems, I was just messing with you. The Agree/Disagree thing is meaningless. I don't really look at it or care because your comment still shows if you have 100 disagrees. It's not like Digg or Joystiq where people can bury your comment. I too want Alan Wake only because I ama fan of horror games and 360 does not have any exclusive ones.

PirateThom4321d ago

Surprisingly, I don't hate all 360 games. :P Mass Effect, Fable II and Crackdown are some of my favourite games this gen. And yeah, I normally ignore the agrees/disgrees, I'm just confused at them in that case. Meh, whatever.

tripewire4321d ago


Favourite Games This gen:
- Battlefield 2 (360)
- Burnout Revenge (360)
- Gears of war (360)
- Viva Pinata (shut the f*** up. It was cute)
- Killzone 2 (ps3)
- Uncharted (ps3)
- Valkyria Chronicals (ps3)
- Metal Gear Solid 4 (ps3)
- Little Big Planet (ps3)
- Cod4 (multi)
- Saints Row 1&2 (360/Multi)

But bring up the 360's hardware problems, or the ps3's..... well it has some minor problems in there somewhere, and your a fanboy.

F***ing Kids. Play games, Not consoles.

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