Peter Moore on Backwards Compatibility

Peter Moore on Backwards Compatibility

According to Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft, backwards compatibility is not a top priority and its support may soon come to an end. Speaking to Kikizo, Moore said:

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achira6326d ago

that prooves my theory that the consumer is screwed by buying ms consoles. people who bought the first xbox should be angry. in 2 years ms surely announces another xbox. the consumer has to buy each your this crap. i dont like ms and its monopolistic idealogie.

Islandkiwi6326d ago

First off, Moore didn't say this was the end of bc games, there are more coming. What he said was that they were beginning to taper off.

And I'm okay with that. There's a few games out there that still need to be bc, but most of the most popular ones already are. And aside from Halo, I haven't touched earlier Xbox games.

I look at it like a system of limited resources. I would rather those limited resources not be applied towards bc, but rather focus on adding features to Live and getting the occassional patch out the door quicker.

Capt CHAOS6325d ago

He clearly stated that they had over delivered and met their promise. What rubbish. The only games of mine that worked on the 360 were Halo and Halo2, as a result, I had to get rid of some great games. I mean that fact that even Top Spin didn't work was crazy. That's an MS title..

schnodder6326d ago

i don't buy a next-gen system to play my last-gen games - except halo 1+2

kingboy6326d ago

lol like ur cd player don`t play first gen cd`s ..whatever..lame consle can`t even play an xbug game ...please u can`t back this up like it doesn`t hurt

Moostache6326d ago

BC is a non-starter for me.

My PS2 was NEVER used to play PS1 games and my XB360 has been used extremely rarely to play XB1 games.

If someone really wants to play the old games they have, then stop being a cheap ass and don't sell your old system. Problem solved. You play new games on the new consoles and keep the old consoles if you wish to still play old games. The whole idea of EXPECTING to be able to sell off your old console and still play all the games is assinine.

Seriously, if you have a bunch of old games then it is obvious you have owned the old system. Those games still work perfectly fine ON THE SYSTEM THEY WERE MADE FOR!!!!! Want to play them still? The guess what? You CAN - just keep your old system and play away....

Personally, I resent every single hour of development time talen away from next-gen game development when it gets spent on programming code for BC. A HUGE waste of time.

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anast5h ago

Why are they using the SX for the thumbnail? It's misleading. They make games for the S.

SwissCheese4h ago

The games are releasing on Series X too.