Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Going HD?

NowGamer: The bonkers anime brawler is finally on its way to Wii in the West, but is a sequel in the works for other formats?

Today we caught up with Capcom's upcoming Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars for the Nintendo Wii – due out in the US and Europe around the end of the year after licensing issues prevented many of the game's anime characters fighting outside of Japan.

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ChickeyCantor4323d ago

" the Samurai Pizza Cats and Speed Racer have both been linked with the series in the past, and have histories in the West that could put them in the frame."
I was actually expecting pizza cats from the beginning.

Its stupid they didn't bring SF4 to the Wii though( although its not my SF game at all) if they bring the next title to the PS3 and 360 i don't see why they don't do the same with SF and bring it to the Wii.

SpoonyRedMage4323d ago

The chances may be equal to Capcom as they've basically just being saying "we might do" to a lot of stuff lately but very few people care if the Wii gets a game that's on the PS3/360 but everyone cares when they have one less reason to get a Wii(that's what it all comes down to).

n4f4323d ago

if they bring the sequel to hd console it would be stupid to not bring it to the wii

Myst4323d ago

Bring me Tri~ to PS3 first Sidar then we'll talk about you getting SF >_<!!

Well at this point everything seems to be up in the air for capcom actually. I would not be surprised if later on it actually does hit the Wii or if just another title all together comes to the Wii while also hitting the PS3, 360 and PC.

kunit22c4323d ago

those graphics look good but not PS3/360 good, looks like Tatsunoko VS. Capcom on Wii emulator..

kunit22c4323d ago

I agree with lizard down there, if this went to HD consoles i would be mad because we missed out on SF4, but now if they brought this to HD consoles and SF4 to Wii then I would be happy.

ChickeyCantor4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

" Bring me Tri~ to PS3 first Sidar then we'll talk about you getting SF >_<!! "
Buy it for the Wii
(in any case you go buy SF4 for the Ps3, i won't like i said im not much of a fan of SF4)

Well i get your intentional point, but i was comparing 2 fighting games.
I think its also stupid PS3 360 don't get the current TvC.
I was just poking at Capcom for being such nonsenical idiots.
I get MH, production costs...sure. But not bringing a SF game to all consoles? Or while Re4(for wii) was pretty much claimed to be the best out of the series they completely ignore the potential for a RE5-wii game.

Capcom = weird.

Myst4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

lol I will, even thinking of importing it at this point. Don't feel like waiting till next year, just having a jab at you for fun :p.

@Above{Edit in}

Well a look at Capcom's record so far this generation, a lot of things don't make a lot of sense. In terms of localization and what not, I would say that maybe they just don't want to put it up on PSN or XBLA for whatever reason, but even then it won't make sense. They could still gain money, but for whatever reason they chose to just stick with the Wii. Yeah I think Capcom is just losing a bit of sight at the moment, then again they usually end up saying "never say never" to something that comes out either exclusively or just on a select few consoles.

Would not be surprised if Capcom later on came out and said they are working on a SFIV edition for Wii and a few months after TvC localizes they say the same thing "Working on a PS3 and 360 version."

N4g_null4322d ago

I think SF4 may have some issues to deal with. TvC would not be excepted on the HD console if you go by what the internet thinks.

I think I would rather have another SF5 on the Wii or some thing. The only reason things are weird is because TvC was made for the arcade so people couldn't really scoff at the graphics because they don't know the specs. Yet the HD guys will be made if the game stays in the current state, unless it is a downlaodable yet I don't think capcom wants to sell this game for a lower price. I don't blame them. HD cost still cost more than Wii dev cost even with the price drop by sony.

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Natsu X FairyTail4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Samurai Pizza Cat COMMON! samurai pizza cat All over town?

I dont remember the lyrics much lol but that show was the shyt!

the blue one was the best with the dog guys from the shop that came to support them from time to time. Hyde was cool but his attitude was kinda lame. I had toys of them to imported from japan my big cousin would order them for me in mags.

you guys remember back in the days in Playstation Mags and game mags you could always order exclusive toys and stuff!

good times

Shnazzyone4323d ago

what... like wayy back in 1998?

PirateThom4323d ago

Samurai Pizza Cats
Who do you call when you want some pepperoni?

That's all I can remember from memory

Gue14323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

From what I have seen on justintv of this game I just don't like it, the same with SFIV(I actually played this one) but the SFII HD remix was and still epic! Capcom should make a Marvel vs Capcom 3 but I'm very happy that they are bringing Marvel vs Capcom 2 to XBL/PSN with online. These two games will keep me entertained for the next 4 years. =)

Another game I dream about is Capcom vs SNK 3!!!!!!!111 Now what I need is another PS3 and I want it slim to stop going to my friend house to play them.

Smacktard4323d ago

Amaterasu and Samurai Pizza Cats would be A+ in my opinion.

lizard812884323d ago

yeah, sidar i'm a little mad over that too. it could work on the wii, but no. luckily TvC being a wii exclusive, yes exclusive, make up for SF4. i emphasizes exclusive, because capcom did at e3, srly that was one of their points lol

*20+ playable characters
*wii exclusive

thank raptor Jesus its coming to America too. i didn't think it would, as did many other people too. i don't think TvC 1 will make it to any other console either, unless they want to get rid of the animated endings.

TvC 2, if made, might go multi-platform. i'm all good, as long as it comes back onto the wii. its about time the wii gets a good game, but instead of praising capcom, we get ps360 fanboys saying bring it to a real console >_>, they should go cry moar! crap, they have every other fighting game, while the wii has Guilty Gear, and thats it.

i already have the Japaneses version, and i'm going to buy the US version too, can't wait!

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