European Forza 2 Bundle Revealed

A new bundle has been unveiled. This new bundle will include the latest racing title to grace Microsofts console, Forza Motorsport 2.

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eques judicii4204d ago

so when do these bundles come stateside???

Vamp4204d ago

I had a quick look dude for an American release but no sign of one :(

Double-Edged4204d ago

I bought the steering wheel..OPENED [email protected] best buy... for 69 bucks canadian.... It was extremely cheap because there was only PGR3 to play..

Now that Forza is here... START YOUR ENGINES.

The game is realistic, that it will push people to buy the steering wheel / or bundle...

Kudos to all the racing enthusiasts

Black Republican4204d ago

I kind of want to buy a steering wheel, I never have before can someone please tell me
IF it really does add alot to it??? the experience, is it a good response time??? realistic???

and can someone please recommand a good steering wheel???

power0919994204d ago

Think of it as playing baseball without the proper mit.

Sure you can play but it's just not the same.

Steering wheel for a sim racer makes the game 100 times better IMO.

However I can't say the same for a arcade racer.

kewlkat0074204d ago

last 2 racing game I played was Street Racing Syndicate(I luv that game) and Midnight Dub, is that 360 wheel worth it?

power0919994204d ago

I don't think so for arcade racers.

You require much quicker controls in arcade racers.

When your going for sim racers, your going to want the full rotation of the steering wheel.

It's all personal prefernce. It's not needed by any means, just simply a tool to use to help "increase" the gameplay.

eques judicii4204d ago

I never thought about it like that... and its true, the arcade racers are little faster and a little more twitch based... but in a sim you want the broader range of control.. plus you want it to be more realistic.

predator4204d ago

Im new, just joined, This game looks good, cant wait, duno about getting the wheel for it tho...

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The story is too old to be commented.