Sony's Eric Lempel On PS3 Updates, Firmware Rumors

PC World: "Is Sony's austere PlayStation 3's dashboard due for an extreme makeover, per recent rumormongering? What about universal voice chat? Searchable memory cards? Discrete feature updates? The battery display fluke de-glitched? And what's up with Hulu video service blocking? I tracked down Sony Director of Network Operations Eric Lempel to get answers to those question and others in the following two part interview. This is part one."

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spaceNerd4322d ago

Im really not impressed with sony after reading this article. For them to brush off cross game chat like its not priority 1 just shows that they have ignorant and naive management. Im so pissed off right now.

DrWan4322d ago

Eric said they are working on it and it is high priority because its mostly requested on blog but he said its complex. what that means is we are trying, give us sometime to find a solution. I assume they have to keep on optimizing the CPUs, they don't have enough juice left (for that one dedicated cpu that runs ur bckground XMB and all) i assume is the cause of no voice chat yet...a memory bandwith problem, probably..

On the other hand he said memory card search fxn is not high, and for me who ever requested that was stupid anyways. How often do u go inside ur memory card file to look for crap. Once every year?? to delete old stuff??? wtf.

PirateThom4322d ago

The thing he was brushing off was the search feature for memory cards.

sunil4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Read the article and them comment.

MriownBOTH4322d ago

youd figure it would be their number 1 priority a year ago for cross chat..but whatever live is where its at

FFXI1014322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

You know, there could be a legal problem, or a tech problem, or both. They can't just update it and add the feature. They gotta make sure that it works for Sony and us.

Would it be better to have the feature? yeah, but it doesn't change the fact I can still chat with my friends in the game, in the chat room or in the Home. We just have to wait for it.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4322d ago

...PLAY 'AAA' GAMES(which i am doing), NOT Chat SH*T all day like they do on 'ChatBox LIVE!' ;-D
I couldn't give a T0SS about any Chat stuff really. Oh well...


I dont want to talk to you while im playing a fkn game . Im not a fkn little kid that chat away about bullshlt while im playing a game. if your my friend give me a fkn call or text me if its something important . you act like you have so many friends on the ps3 that all 10 of you is going to do cross game chat together . You know what you can do buddy just sell your ps3 an buy a xbox so you can get cross game chat...LMAO

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-EvoAnubis-4322d ago

This actually explains a lot.

tommy-cronin4322d ago

Ya Your Right, he actually commented on 2.8 FINALLY, but still he knows what he's doing so normally i just sit back and let Sony do their thing.

phosphor1124322d ago

It's very informative. I still want another big update. Those are always welcome in my book =].

anh_duong4322d ago

"EL: You know, we very much thought about that, and actually with 2.8 we implemented something that we didn't talk a lot about. We actually gave consumers the option to update. What I mean by that is, prior to 2.8 you had to update. So you'd turn on your PS3 and it would say, you know, if you want to go in the store, if you want to play an online game, or go into PlayStation Home, it would say there's an update available, please update before moving any further.

With 2.8 it was an option. Users didn't have to update when we released it, and actually weren't prompted to do so, because there wasn't any consumer-specific functionality. I'd say a majority of consumers out there who just wait to get hit by these updates didn't even know about it. They might still not know about it."

good this will at least shut up the people who complain about having to install updates.

Lifendz4322d ago

Happy to see they're listening to the fans and trying to give us what we want. Can't wait for part 2.

RememberThe3574322d ago

So next time when b*tching about your PS3 not being able to wipe your ass, realize that no one wants that visualization and your getting something more in the long run, which I appreciate from them.

Gotta love the run-on sentences.

ChozenWoan4322d ago

too bad it's so hard to find around here.

Glade to hear from Sony officially about Hulu and 2.80.

jamesrocks31474322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

this is desperate ether this or a in game party system with voice chat.

these features are highly in demand for sony, if it does interfer with microsofts patent to get around it use skype, its a service thats free and can be used for callin landlines too it goes further then just in game voice chat best of all from sonys point of view it would be using skypes servers and not the psn's for the voice chat. come on sony w/e you have to do just give us in game voice chat across all games with mulitple friends.

Christopher4322d ago

And good luck with Sony and cross-game voice chat. Seems they're having trouble creating a method that doesn't impede on Microsoft's IP method for doing just that.

Xulap4322d ago


Finally a good, non-biased article worth reading here.

mfwahwah4321d ago


Good call with skype! I don't know why I never thought of that. I mean, SONY is ALREADY using skype on their PSPs. They have partnerships with google, youtube, and the like.

Skype on PS3 sounds like a winner of an idea to me

siliticx4321d ago

Microsoft IP? voice chat? i guess thats why their getting sued over it.

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poopsack4322d ago

"Playstation's Dashboard" Eh, award winning interface cant even be named properly.

MaximusPrime4322d ago

my car got a thing called dashboard.

anyway, XMB is a better name

randomwiz4322d ago

I personally like Sony's "award winning interface". Just wish I could make it look cooler.

You know how ctf themes look on psp. It would be awesome if we could get those kind of themes on ps3...

poopsack4322d ago

im just sayin, call it xmb, thats what its called, not dashboard. shouldi start calling my desktop dashboard as well?

RememberThe3574322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Download a theme.

I gotta say, this one is a freakin favorite:

randomwiz4322d ago

I know about all those themes (i like your favorite too), but I wish there were themes that not only changed the icons, but the style also.

Like this ctf theme for psp:

It still keeps the left and right and up and down simplicity of the xmb, but makes it look cooler.

mfwahwah4321d ago


Then again, people use words like Kleenex, Xerox, Chapstick, etc. to refer to a generic item, despite those being company / specific product names.

That's why I forgive little things like that

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Stryfeno24322d ago

Well, that was a waste of time. He didn't really say anything new, and I wanted to know about HULU's problem.

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