Develop: The Finnishing Touch

The home of Nokia, Habbo and Max Payne in focus...

To the casual visitor passing through, Scandinavia's Russian neighbour certainly feels like a quiet and peaceful country.

With only 5.3 million people calling Finland home, the huge expanse of northern Europe is the continent's second least densely populated country – something apparent as you stroll Helsinki's hushed, spacious streets.

KooPee Hiltunen, director of Finland's Neogames organisation, which promotes the nation's games industry, jokes that the population of his homeland thrive in the silence that other Europeans find so uncomfortable. Despite his jovial tone, there's certainly a modesty to Finnish culture, and a happily tranquil work ethic that veils a feverishly productive creative sector.

The country is of course the home to mobile phone giant Nokia, and the phenomenally popular game-based social network Habbo Hotel, but its tech industry output doesn't stop with a duo of high-profile examples.

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