The 10 Most Heinously Corporate Videogames

ToplessRobot writes:

"Consumer culture is a mixed blessing. We have cool gadgets, free network TV and junk food available at every whim. This utopia comes with a hefty price tag, though, and it's not just free will or individuality or whatever the hippies like to argue - it's awful videogames. Capitalism is alright most of the time and gamers understand that their precious platforms ain't a charity - it's all about supply and demand, which is why historically, the number of games touting established licenses practically merits its own genre. Pimping a movie tie-in, cartoon or sports star can be ridiculously lucrative and really, there's nothing wrong with the practice as long as the games accomplish the prime directive: being awesome and fun. Unfortunately the lust for money has pushed many developers into releasing less-than-stellar games in the name of branding over the years. The quality of these games ranges from simply uninspired to straight up unplayable -- smacking gamers with IPs like a canoe paddle to the parietal lobe. Read on to examine the ten corporate games most worthy of snob scorn and hippie hostilities."

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chrisjc4332d ago

Yo Noid! was one of my favorite games of all time! I just wish it gave you a free pizza for beating it or something.

ttlFantastic4332d ago

I love this list - but I don't know why he's hating on #4. Sure I wanted to buy crunch berries after playing that game - but it was actually fun!

markfrost4332d ago

They're grrrrrrrrreat!

Wait, is that the right cereal? >_>

poindat4332d ago

You're thinking of Frosted Flakes, I believe.


skip2mylou4332d ago

Frosted Flakes are more than good..... they're GREATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

arnsekar4332d ago

i actually owned Mick and Mack on genesis. It was fun as hell, and the product placement was minimal. At the end of each stage Ronald would show up and it would rain mini arches. It was a good game with Mcdonalds tacked on.

STK0264332d ago

...I liked Chester Cheetah: Too Cool To Fool... but then again, I was like 5 and thought that a walking cheetah with sunglasses was stellar...

bjornbear4332d ago

That is now scared in my mind =(

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