Crysis Impressions & New Screens

Gamespot went all the way to Crytek's offices in Germany to get the lowdown on Crysis, one of the most anticipated action games on the horizon. Since its debut earlier this year, Crysis has become one of the most anticipated games coming out on any platform thanks to some incredible visuals, though there's more to Crysis than just a stunning graphics engine. To learn more, we visited Crytek's offices to meet the developers in person and get a closer look at the game.

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super bill5805d ago

can,t wait to play this game on my pc.this game will surpass any next gen console games ever

TiTuS5803d ago

I don't think this game will rival the PS3 in years to come but for the early stages of the Next gen market it will certainly challenge the PS3 if not top it in all areas. But as soon as the developers for the PS3 start to realize what power they have at there disposal the games will start looking as real as humanly possible, but yes I cant wait to play Crysis for I am also a PC lover my self. And cant wait for Hellgate London.

Gamer135805d ago

This game looks the best in the next gen so far.

Marriot VP5805d ago

definately see this on a 360, another PC port would be no problem

BLACKSTYX5804d ago

game looks insane. If they have snow falling off that tree, then that will be it for me.

The_Firestarter5804d ago

All I know is that THIS game will be remembered for being THE FIRST TRUUUE next-gen title. Most Xbox360 and PS3 games claim to be next-gen, but don't even compare to THIS game! Just watch the gameplay trailers and you'll know EXACTLY what I mean. This fps looks AMAZING!

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