Koku Gamers Review: Tales of Monkey Island 'Launch of the Screaming Narwhal'

Getting a game from Telltale is like Christmas coming early.A small company that I first heard of when the announcement of Sam and Max episodic games hit the media, as a huge Sam and Max fan I prepared for disappointment. What we got was anything but, Telltale have had a fantastic track record of taking classic and iconic material, placing it in their point and click engine and watching pure gold come out the other side. With Wallace and Gromit episode 4 just hitting the market, it was a shock learning of a new series so soon after. It was even more of a shock to find they had got their hands on the LucasArts famous series Monkey Island. Can this new material live up to what can only be described as one of the most loved point and click (P&C) series of all time?

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WengYong4324d ago

Looks pretty interesting, not too sure if I will take the plunge though. I'm already got enough games to keep me company and there are other titles I want too

Wonderfulwest4324d ago

i rember laying this as a kid, glad they have made it for XBL