Sacred 2 Add-on: Ice & Blood announced - First screenshots

Ascaron has announced the add-on Ice & Blood for Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel. According to PCGH the add-on will introduce a new character (Dragonmage) and deliver new features as well as two new areas.

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Christopher4324d ago

The game is already huge if you don't ignore all of the side quests. Can't wait to see how this pans out, definitely on my radar now for purchase.

Glad to see Ascaron is still able to develop material, was under the impression that they were on the verge of closing their doors when the game was released for 360/PS3.

Roper3164324d ago

I totally agree that this game is already huge! I am at 90 hours and have yet to finish my 1st play through. I have done about 420 side quest, opened up about 54% of the map and have completed 85% of the story so far. I will definitely look into this DLC when it is released.

mrlakadaddy4324d ago

my niece got me into it and it is for me, one of the best games i played this gen, so much fun!

yess4324d ago

Big value
Even more value good job Ascaron, maby we will se Sacred 3 afterall...

Elven64323d ago

I heard of the publisher issues as well, what ever happened to them? How well did Sacred 2 sell?

I played the PC demo and really liked it, I think I might get it for console though since it is one of the few 1080p native games, plus local co-op!

Christopher4323d ago

Checked their main site and it seems they were going to file for bankruptcy in Germany. No details on what happened, but it seems they're still going along so either someone provided them some aid (German government does this to promote their own development houses similar to France) or they got through their bankruptcy and are getting funding for the add-ons from someone else.

yess4323d ago

Just noticed the company is now Ascaron II
Did they close one and open another?

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