GoFanboy's Cosplay Babe of the Week Yoko

Johnathan Lynch writes: "After yesterday's display of cosplay mistakes, I promised I'd make it up to our readers with an actual Cosplay Babe of the Week. And you'll surely agree that we delivered this week with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's Yoko!

Now Yoko may not be the most familiar of characters to those in North America unless they like to import their games or love anime. And since pretty much anyone who imports their games, knows anime, it's the same group. ..."

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GunShotEddy4332d ago

And by game I mean those girls.

William Wallace4332d ago

Get off your PC and go talk to them.

vgn244332d ago

There aren't any Western games featuring her yet, but there's a couple great fighters in Japan. She's been popular in Cosplay since debuting in the Anime series though. The games came way later.

Holy crap - I went on too long about a fictional chick huh? haha

FantasyStar4332d ago

I don't get the big attraction, but whatever. I don't understand Hatsune Miku and the whole vocaloid thing, but that's something I'll just never care more for. Thanks for the heads up Dan.

4332d ago
Myst4332d ago

Most of the girls cosplaing are quite cute.

Knightrid8084332d ago

I hear ya but I wish it would be the case for all.

"What has been seen cannot be unseen" comes into my mind when I look at these.


Myst4332d ago

Dammit man! I shouldn't have clicked...

Myst4332d ago

I refuse to click that lol.

Fade_Walker4332d ago

I haven’t seen that much cross dressing since I was in New Orleans. XD

They forgot man Faye (Cowboy Bebop)

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lizard812884332d ago

lol, that was a good show, didn't like the 2nd half as much though. she's from a show called gurren lagann. its been on the sci-fi channel. theres also 2 mangas, as well, ones the normal one, and ones where their in high school(spin off).

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