Sony 'to drop PlayStation 3 price'

A price cut for the PlayStation 3 games console may be in the cards as Sony looks to strengthen the platform and expand its penetration.

Sony said Thursday that both pricing and production volumes are under review as it looks to take its next steps now that the third-generation PlayStation has been launched in Japan, North America, Europe and Australasia. The company stressed a price cut is not imminent, however, meaning it may still be weeks or months away.


Sony rejects claims of impending PS3 price cut

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kornbeaner4202d ago

look for Prices drops to be somewhere in the fall season, just in time for the Holiday season.

nix4202d ago

too many a$$es floating in the site nowdays... q:

(i meant the pics)

MetalProxy4202d ago

Is it me or is there a butt wars going on.

P4KY B4202d ago

Once they get to £299 with rumble i'll buy one

SnakeCL4202d ago

They'll drop the 60gig down to $499 and launch a new 80gig for $599.

Course, with the way manufacturing is going and the horde of cost cuts they're getting from simplification, it could go even lower than the $499.

kornbeaner4202d ago

I doubt a bigger HDD sku for the PS3 right now.

It would make no sense, it's easier and cheaper for consumers to upgrade the HDD drive on their own.

elitesupreme4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

imo, only the ppl that are looking to buy and not having to worry about upgrading the HDD themselves would probably be the main consumers of a 80GB sku.

nightcrawla4202d ago

First of all, I think the ps3 price drop is a good thing, but... I think releasing a 80gb PS3 is not a good move,I think they should inform the consumers that don't know. U can swap out your hard drive without buying a new console(which i'm pretty sure this doesn't apply to the guys/gals on this site) but I'm only saying this as a general observation for the people that don't know you can do this...just a thought

peksi4202d ago

"Sony: No plans to cut the price of PS3" says another recent article. What can we make of all of this? A bunch of crap talk to lure more hits to their pages.

A link to the other orticle:

nix4202d ago

by now everyone knows when the exact price-cut will happen... until then... ignore these news - unless they're telling us by how much. q:

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The story is too old to be commented.