More Megaman 9 secret hints

NintendoDPad: "Seth Killian over at Capcom-Untiy blog has just released more info in the growing Megaman 9 secret saga. Apparently he has already throw us numerous hints, we just have to put them together."

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Product4330d ago

I wish Seth would just tell people what the hell it is already. I'm dying here.

TheROsingleB4330d ago

Yeah seriously, I'm an avid MegaMan fan but this seems like a pretty deep secret to unfold, though it could just be nothing special, as its already been explained that its not an in-game item or weapon so other than that, its some developer graphic hidden somewhere or peice of code that will be unlocked at some point (6months?)

JD_Shadow4330d ago

I didn't understand half of this, but if this means Capcom is going to continue to support the game, may I suggest adding XMB trophies to the PS3 version. That would be cool.

poeo4330d ago

yeah, it's strange this game didnt have trophies... would be perfect for a hard game like Mega Man. also, they shouldnt be too hard to implement in a game that has NES-level code...

JD_Shadow4330d ago

360 version has Achievements (they have always been required for all games), but it's pretty hard to play without the use of the D-Pad which is in a VERY awkward place on the 360 controller (the stick doesn't QUITE work for that type of game).

And before anyone starts saying something, I KNOW it's avaliable for the Wii, but we're talking about XMB Trophies/Dashboard Achievements, something the Wii doesn't have yet (but it would be pretty cool for Nintendo to have it's own milestone system in place like that).