Square Enix talks Final Fantasy, next-gen gaming and the MMO market

These are busy times for Square Enix - and profitable ones. Released back in February, PS2 title Final Fantasy XII has proved to be a huge hit with gamers and critics alike. Anticipation is already building for the PlayStation 3 sequel despite the fact that a release date has yet to be announced.

But the publisher isn't just enjoying success on Sony consoles. Last month saw the release of a 2007 edition of MMO Final Fantasy XI on PC and Xbox 360, and a remake of FFIII is due out on DS in May along with Chocobo Tales. In short, this may be the most prolific period in Square Enix's history - at least when it comes to the Western market. sat down with Hiromichi Tanaka, senior vice president of software development, and global online producer Sage Suni to find out mroe about the publisher's future plans.

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Imknow14295d ago

FFXIII confirmed for the 360 yay!!I'm kidding Sony fans, please don't come after me :D

techie4295d ago

well you're right. MMO called Heriasis, multiplatform. I be quiet now.

PS360WII4295d ago

But I want another MMO from them! FFXI is pure genius! Love it and still play it today. I want a new one though and please oh please don't give it to Japan a year before anyone else for it creates this animosity that shouldn't be between players. You know seeing that we don't fight each other but fight npc's. I swear when US got it there was about 2 years where no Japanese player would party with an American and vise versa. Man was that stupid when you want to get a party going and you can only find 3 english speaking and 3 japanese speaking players back then... it did get better but it's still there kind of. That's why it would need to be released worldwide at the same time... but that won't happen ><

Blasphemy4294d ago

FFXI sucks on so many levels and WoW is sooo much better.

PS360WII4294d ago

for what you just said is precisly that! WoW can NEVER be what FFXI is. ^^ but that's just mine and a few million other opinions... nowhere near the 8 million but dang if WoW is basically a single player game. Why it's not is beyond me, but if you like the easy games sure WoW is the better one for that sake

Blasphemy4294d ago

You obviously didn't play the game or didn't play it long enough to know that it is not a single player game and it can get hard without all the bs ffxi requires from you. I am actually being rewared for my time playing the game and it's too easy okay yeah whatever dude.

FFXI really wasn't hard it was just frustrating and SE increased that frutsration with some of the most rediculous monthly updates.

PS360WII4294d ago

That's where this can go ;)
While FFXI has frustrating parts like say... making a party. It is still very rewarding and tons of stuff to keep you going. Job classes can be switched whenever and some really tought NM's out there. I'll call you out on not having FFXI myself. I know I have both and I enjoy one a lot better. But I'm sorry I'm not budging on my easier comment I'm sticking to that one FFXI is more in depth to well everything.

WoW has the user base that's all it's got on FFXI. Yet in the end the interviewer is correct they appeal to a different demographic.

forget_1234294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

Personally i played both game for a long time. Following are my comments.

First of all, those who said FF11 sux really dont understand the game.
Then, those who said Wow sux need to relaxe.

From my opinion, FF11 is more content based and teamwork based than wow. More organized, and you "must" have good teamwork to do almost anything, that makes the concept of "Multiplayer" comes as requirement.

I had lot of fun with that. Another thing is, they let you change ur job instead of wow , (create a new character) . i know someone said well they are different job.. ya.. but imagine trying all the different jobs will probably gets u annoying of questing the same thing over and over again. (i know plp did that). FF, has flawes as they are not consider to be "user friendly" than wow, the control is all carry on with keyboard (mainly), not like wow, all u have to do is to click the right thing on ur screen over time with a mouse. keyboard mainly for "moving" around..etc

for the game flow, for the in depth content play, ff 11 is a sure win in my mind. You require a good team to play with you to enjoy the true fun of co operation in the world. seriously i think ff players dont like "solo" very much except farming. battle as group is way different.

ok here following are wow parts.
Wow is slightly different aim compare with ff 11. the wow provides more interaction with environment, like swimming, flying, jump , laugh.etc all sort of that stuff makes the game more entertaining at some point. The freedom of control gives user very pleasent experience controlling their character. reward questing system makes it easier to lvl up , thus less feeling of "bored", item hunting is another thing they ported from diablo, which of course attracted lot of "treasure hunter" around the world going crazy about it. More or less the game provides very fun "gameplay", most out of it as the real time battle action with mobs or other players. user interface is another of their good parts, good add ons helped a lot (like a map co ordinate..and such). Their game allowing solo and teamwork both gives good reward at some point thus it 's easier to play in comparsion of ff 11.

I like both game, i can reach a limit in wow in just few months (which i feel no more stuff fresh enough to keep me going, and i am not a treasure hunter cz no one item is best as long as they keep updating the game). on the other hand, ff gives a intense team play experience that so far i found no other games gives me.

Hopfully there is a game comes out later, gives the quick fun as from wow, and content fun of FF, well personally i also prefer ff style graphic.

both good stuff :)

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kewlkat0074295d ago

I just got the new game informer and thats what one of the guys mentioned. Anyhow ,I hope squeenix can make some new and interesting games. When you know people will buy your game regardless thats when you get sloppy. I guess it doesn't matter.

Xi4294d ago

All I can say is that the keyboard attachment will add a lot to the controls, and interaction of the game. Hopefully it comes with the keyboard.

jennifercendejas4285d ago

i loved it wholeheartedly. i really liked wow too. but i see where both were attracting me for different reasons. as meantioned above, ffxi required more time, a lot more. as a black mage, or for that matter most any job other than beastmaster, there was no chance for solo play. however, when you were in a good party who could skill chain reliable and have multiple magic bursts, or a great manaburn party, the game was a million times more awesome than wow ever was for me. but, wow was more playable. in wow i was able to log on, play for 45 min or 8 hours. in ffxi it was at least 4 hours or not at all! i'm playing lotro online now, and i think it does a better job of mixing the two. you can party your way up levels, or solo it, it's nice to have the flexibility (although i expect more fellowshipping when i reach higher levels). i can't wait for the next square mmo, it will be innovative, beautiful, and cross-platforming is sweet. it's hella funny when you can tell the galka is on an xbox, and that elf you hang out with is playing on his pc at work *^^*