Xbox 360 Homebrew Emulation Via Xbox Emulator Exploit Opened

Undertakencodes found the Holy Grail of Xbox 360 Homebrewers - a hole in the security of the emulator of Xbox. He says this hole makes it possible to load homebrew and backups without hardware/firmware modifications. As proof of concept, Undertakencodes developed a port of the Snes9x which loads on the Xbox 360 but is not playable at the moment.

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JPomper6183d ago

Wii, eat your heart out.

Let's just hope Microsoft doesn't find this security hole and fix it.

TheMART6183d ago

I bet MS will find and fix it in an update. Or is there a possibility they can't fix it?

Someone with more knowledge about this probably?

Qofthedead6183d ago

It says "Block is Empty", Does this mean its been deleted or removed?

jib6183d ago

just mod your original xbox if you want emulated games. i ahve all the snes/genesis games and some n64/ps1 games on my xbox. with xbmc, it's also a better media center than the 360.

Krimson6183d ago

Your obviously missing the point. When the 360 is opened up to homebrew we will get XBMC and the emulators and all that jazz on a much more powerful and capable system. XBMC is great but the original xbox is not poweful enough to decode/render hi-def video sources. It's not even poweful enough to decode H.264 at SDef.

jhep146183d ago

Running the homebrew apps is fun, and yes, it is a lot better on the original xbox right now. However, because of the xbox 360's greater power, much more would be possible if the modding community could use it instead of the original xbox. I don't know if this would be possible with this exploit because it goes in through the BC software so I wonder if it would only run original xbox homebrew.

If anybody knows if this exploit allows the programmer to access xbox 360 hardware directly and not through the BC software, please post.

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