Bungie Day 2009, First Look at Mythic Map Pack Part 2 and WIn Recon

Urk from writes: Today is Bungie Day - the seventh day of the seventh month of the year - and we demand celebration. Why? Well, you might have noticed that our little studio has something of a historic fondness for the number 7. Our plan for World Domination is comprised of seven steps, our titles tend to wind up riddled with a healthy dose of the cardinal number 7, and though the fine folks over at Halopedia have done an admirable job of tallying the more overt examples of our numerical predilection, both in-game and on our website, the reality is that there are just too many obvious, subtle, and never-to-be-seen references to the number seven embedded into our works to track. We have what you could call an affinity for the number.

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Sanzee4332d ago

Happy Bungie Day to The Underground.