Next Way of the Samurai game revealed

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

As it turns out, the latest entry into the series did well enough to warrant a new chapter in the franchise. Word comes from a popular Japanese retailer that the debut trailer for a new Way of the Samurai game will be included in the PSP port of Way of the Samurai 2. The PSP port will also include several new features, like a Gears of War horde-style challenge mode, and is due out September 3. Don't be surprised if Famitsu reveals the new game before then, though.

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TheColbertinator4328d ago

I hate way of the Samurai.It has good ideas but poor implementation

gauntletpython4327d ago

i definitely agree that the games are a bit rough around the edges... still good tho.

Ps_alm3k4328d ago

my next tenchu series..please!

FrankFoxJaegar4327d ago

what does tenchu have to do with WOTS? Acquire doesn't make the tenchu games anymore, its from software.

lloyd_wonder4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Looks garbage.

frayer4328d ago

Poor bots still think these graphics are next gen...

Poor bots

Tr10wn4328d ago

What...? pure nonsense i feel sorry for you

Anyways i hope the game is good im still waiting for the 3rd on my xbox

-MD-4328d ago

This article came from a PS3 site by the way.

gauntletpython4328d ago

tenchu hasn't been good in ages

FrankFoxJaegar4327d ago

true, but neither have the WOTS games(well, WOTS2 and Samurai Western at least, haven't tried 3 yet).