Final Fantasy XIV Online GT Pop-Block: E3 09 Debut Trailer

GameTrailers: "We return to Vana'diel to scope out the secrets hidden inside this monumental trailer."

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Lanontscuz4332d ago

i might actually end up playing this again !!! i just hope they dont make it too much of a grind to lvl up and the xp lost really sucks>< ..../bow

Claudinho694332d ago

if i ca use my character from 4 years ago, i'll snap

GameGambits4332d ago

This GT pop block was the worst, because it was filled with so much dumb BS. Try to find my comment on there, because even though it's pretty hefty in length it covers just how bad the guy did of a job on it...enough so that he should be demoted to doing reviews to Hannah Montana games from now on and nothing more.

In reply to above the developers have already stated at E3 that the ONLY thing that will transfer from XI to XIV will be your friends list. That's all.

I hope the beta for this is in September though with all the signs pointing it will be. Nothing like Tokyo Game Show to announce joining a beta later in the month. :)

DrWan4332d ago

u complain too much ;p