Dante's Inferno Anime in the Works

Production I.G Confirms Involvement in Animated Dante's Inferno Project

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Natsu X FairyTail4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I.G Pwns with animes they made Batman Gotham Knight and The Eyeshield21 Anime so this might actually be good.

stay tuned on July 23rd

RememberThe3574324d ago

They seem to put out quality stuff. I don't follow anime as closely as some but I am really looking forward to this.

Natsu X FairyTail4324d ago

omg who disagreed with my comment? that's ridiculous.

blackpanther254324d ago

it seems EA is serious about this game. they got production I.G (the same people behind Ghost in the shell and other high quality animations) to help make the anime. Wow this game has just been uped a level in my book

ShinFuYux4324d ago

I'm up for it if it's an actual anime movie like Ghost in the Shell. But if it's something that expands into a series, then forget about it.

Usually long running episodes just become tedious and boring.