Final Fantasy XI Job Adjustments and Additions

A host of job adjustments and additions are in the pipes for the upcoming version update, including formidable new abilities for ninjas. Other jobs, too, are scheduled to benefit from myriad adjustments to magic and abilities. In this, the first part in the job adjustment series of articles, Sqauare-Enix cast the spotlight on ninjas, Vana'diel's agents of stealth and deception.

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Prototype4330d ago

Give Rangers back their full potential and I'll make a comeback at full force...

Blasphemy4330d ago

RNG nerf was one of the many reasons I quit.

dericb114330d ago

I remember the good ole' Rng days lol. Dual wield and stand in real close using long range attacks. At that point Rng was up there with Blm not by damage amount but the fact that Rng could do it in the time it took for them to charge there spells.

Kevin McCallister4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

I miss XI alot, but I'm just waiting for XIV to come out now.

Edit: Cool, I'll keep the site bookmarked.

Neo Nugget4330d ago

They have a, just getting started, but it's up.

Arnon4330d ago

I agree.. Bring RNG back, but also... PLEASE work on DRK. It's the only DD job in the game without a consistent Job Trait/Ability. Souleater is suicidal (but amazingly powerful), and Last Resort is only good when fully merited; and even then, it only lasts 30 seconds. PLEASE SE PLEASE give DRK something.

King20084329d ago

I was on Unicorn and I played this game for about 4 years. I was a 75 DRK 73 PUP all subs level to 37. If 14 is anything like 11 then I know i'll be losing another few years of my life.