Rumour: Sims 3 Expansion In October, "Virtuous Ventures"

Rumours have been circulating on video gaming message boards that the first expansion pack for EA's The Sims 3, dubbed "Virtuous Ventures" will be announced in August for a release in October.

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SteelyPhil4328d ago

they'll probably have 20 expansions before they're done with sims 3

FantasyStar4328d ago

Now that you've said that. Some EA Exec. will read this and think.

"20 eh? We'll prove him wrong! We'll make 30 Exapnsions instead!"

aaron58294328d ago

This new "expansion" is pretty much like Sims 2 Business Expansion pack.

KilZoneGeneralStrife4328d ago

Thought you changed. . .youre still just as scaly.. ,Sims 3. .feels so empty after all the other expansions. .