IGN: Nintendo DSi Interim Report

As of yesterday, the Nintendo DSi has been on the market in North America for three full months now. The upgraded system launched on April 5th, 2009 to modest success – it was hard not to excited for the new platform, as the new system offered a flurry of potential: two built-in cameras, internal storage, an SD card slot are among the additions over the immensely successful DS Lite system that's been on the market since 2006, which was a vast improvement over the original DS design released in November of 2004.

But in the three months since the system's North American debut, have people seen the critical mass leaping to buy the system? Sales figures over the past 90 days show that, while the Nintendo DSi is a modest success, it's not exactly setting the videogame world ablaze and IGN has heard word from the development circles that the DSi hasn't sold as well as Nintendo has hoped it would. Granted, the system launched after the lucrative Christmas holiday season, so they will have to wait until the full one-year anniversary to really make the call whether the DSi is a true success or a simple blip on the scope.

Here's how things look from the first 90 days.

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