MyWii: Resident Evil Archives Review

MyWii Writes: Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil is a hard title to write a score next to. It is the king of survival-horror and has some of the best puzzles ever made. If I were rating the gameplay of the original GCN remake alone it would easily score around the 9/10 mark. However, taking the fact that it is a remake (of a remake) into a consideration one can't help but feel a little disappointed that Capcom didn't enhance it at all like they did with Resident Evil 4. There are no Wii Controls and no widescreen. These are the only reasons someone who owns the game would bother with it again. If you own the GCN remake, or even the PS1 original, don't bother buying it again. If never did and are set up to play GameCube games have a look for a cheaper GCN copy. If not for $50 if you're up for a hard game, with a huge learning curve, that is genuinely scary it is worth a look.

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