The $17,500 video game

Think $60 video games are too expensive? You won't hear any argument from us, but you might from JJ Hendricks, a collector who just paid a clinically insane $17,500 for an obscure NES game from 1990.

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F3NIX DX5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

insane price tag...but I wouldn't consider this game the holy grail of gaming. The holy grail should only go to games that are rare and made a huge impact on games...This game reminds me of Mario Allstars for SNES, It was like 6 games on 1 cartridge I believe.

kornbeaner5263d ago

The article says "Game Collecting" not "Gaming"

UnwanteDreamz5263d ago

Agreed, GI recently compiled a list of the most valuable video games and this is at the top.

Montrealien5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

they put them up at that price, but not everyone buys them.

s8anicslayer5263d ago

Two words to summarize hendricks; Dumb Ass!

MEsoJD5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

do you know what you get with that much money???

Damn I would get a new car or something not extremely rare game with bad graphics.

Marcelles255263d ago


Bnet3435263d ago

This is why I never trade in my games. I know Halo 2 Collector's Edition will be worth something 50 years from now. Still got it.

D2ThaEasy5263d ago

I regret trading in this game to gamestop for 10 cents :(

Kaneda5263d ago

want to buy mine? maybe 5K dollars..

Giriath5263d ago


Halo 2 Collector's Edition was produced in quite a lot more than 26 copies...

Bnet3435262d ago

Notice how I said 50 years from now. In 50 years I'm pretty sure anything Halo will be worth something.

Beast_Master5262d ago

yes and in 50 years this game will be worth millions.

table5262d ago

In 50 years people will release what an overrated pile of horse sh*t halo is. Well, not the first one it was good. Halo3 is probably the worst game i've played this gen. Unreal tourney 3 is also a close contender for overrated tripe.

iWillNotBeIgnored5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

I understand why people collect things they like & also things that they like that are EXTREMELY RARE but I'll never understand people who collect "rare" trash. One man's trash is another man's treasure I guess.
I'm curious as to what this guy does for a living though.
If it's "an investment" I don't think it is a wise investment.
He "invested" in a GOLD COLORED cartridge. Maybe he should have invested in some... you know... REAL GOLD instead. lol.

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guitarded775263d ago

I think it's stupid, but if he's got the cash and it's what he wants who am I to judge.

randomwiz5263d ago

Even if I had the cash, I wouldn't spend 17k on something like this.

El_Colombiano5263d ago

I would. Yes yes, it is INSANE, but had I had the opportunity, I would have bought it. I like collecting games.

meluvulongtime5263d ago

If I had the money to collect video games. I can't say I'd go for the most rare because that sometimes just means buying crappy games. The most rare turd is still a turd. I think I'd rather go for mint condition great games, but hey if they enjoy it that's all that counts right.

UnwanteDreamz5263d ago

Unfortunatly some of the best games ever made even in mint condition are worth very little to collectors.

SaiyanFury5263d ago

If I had the cash, and I was that big into collecting the rarest games, I'd totally do it. Would I do it myself, no, but I wouldn't judge the guy. Hell, people spend way more on other collectibles, like somebody spent 500,000 dollars on the model of the Enterprise-D that Paramount used in filming Star Trek: The Next Generation. The guy's a collector, and as such is willing to spend obscene amounts of money on things that we non-collectors do not value.

nycredude5262d ago

I think everyone is missing the point here. This is an investment, just like stocks and bonds. It may seem like a stupid move and he may seem retarded now, but in like 10 years or longer, when and if he sells it for like $50,000 or more, then he will look like a genius.

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SKUD5263d ago

To be rich and stupid. Now thats the life....

antoinetm5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

Sure is better than being poor and bitter now isnt it?

STICKzophrenic5263d ago (Edited 5263d ago )

"Think $60 video games are too expensive? You won't hear any argument from us, but you might from JJ Hendricks, a collector who just paid a clinically insane $17,500 for an obscure NES game from 1990."

That statement is retarded. They state we won't hear any argument from them that $60 is too expensive (meaning they think it's a fair price) then state that you might hear an argument from Hendricks that $60 is too expensive, despite him paying $17,500 for a game. Why would he argue that $60 is too expensive???

That makes no sense whatsoever.

Snake Raiser5263d ago

"Think $60 video games are too expensive? You won't hear any argument from us,"
Actually I think that means that they wont argue with you if that is what you think.