Warhound Being Reevaluated, not Officially Canceled

In 19 days, it'll be two years since Joystiq last heard anything about Call of Juarez developer Techland's "open ended FPS," Warhound. So, when they heard last week that the developer was still working on its zombie-infused Dead Island, they shot Techland an email and asked about the game once intended to rival Crysis' graphics.

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green4325d ago

I hope they don't cancel it because it looked really promising.

N4PS3G4325d ago

Good to know that Dead Island and this are still kicking

TheColbertinator4324d ago

Looks like vaporware to me(Warhound).It might as well be in the same page as Duke Nukem Forever or Wardevil.

Dead Island is a good concept and they really need to avoid screwing that up

socomnick4324d ago

God I hope not, after playing and loving both Call of juarez games, I really want them to succeed and for these games to come out. They develop some pretty impressive tech and the games have personality something missing on other big name shooters like haze or killzone 2.

free2game3654324d ago

a multiplat game could never rival Crysis visually