Sony Announce Next Experience! PlayStation Details

Sony has detailed today the next installment of its Experience! PlayStation series of demo events.

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phosphor1124330d ago

Ya know I live in Japan -_-

Zedux4330d ago

unfortunately people in countries like mine i.e. Brazil don't even have a Playstation Store, we pay over U$100 for a game and the PS3 costs over U$900. And people still think Sony cares about buyers they'll just suck the blood out of NA and EU and once these markets becomes less attractive they will go to other parts of the world sucking their money too and say they do care. Yes Sony does care that's why all the 4 biggest developing economies are just left behind!

phosphor1124330d ago

the games are 100 USD? Or 100 BRL? Because the Brazilian Real is .51 of a USD..which makes the game about 50 USD and the PS3 about 450 USD..which isn't much of a difference. Your games would be cheaper but the console would be more expensive.

Syronicus4330d ago

There is so many factors that enter into pricing with any company no matter the product. Heck, I bet you guys pay about twice as much for nearly everything we buy here in the States - in your currency. It's not Sony that doesn't care... If that were the case, you would not even get the PS systems or games. There are many countries that don't so you should be ok with the idea that at least you can get one when many others can't.

50CALheadshot4330d ago

if i were in brazil, i would live on the beach instead of worrying about video games.

I love women. especially beautiful tanned women with a high sex drive and minimum inhibitions

ChulHakSan4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

I live in argentina, there not psstore, the games are over priced, around 450, in offcial places, which is around 100 dollars, the hardwere is even more expensive,I once sold the greatest hits titles being sold at higher price because they were GH, I agrre there are lot of factors thet affect the price, tax, transportation, but at some point you realise thatr retailers are grady bastards
Edit: Its not just Sony but almost every major international company doesn't give a fu*k about the developing countries (brazil) and they even care less in not se developing and more like going backwars (argentina)

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Dark3604330d ago

Desperate situations requires desperate decisions...JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

Etseix4330d ago

its an event to play future games DEMOS.. geez.. cant believe ur that stupid

u know what a demo is?, ok just think a lot of demos togheter, its not that hard.. or it is for u?

Voozi4330d ago

Anyone click this thinking it was a new interface? lol when I saw "next experience!" the 360's "new xbox experience" came to mind and figured "oh looks like a surprise announcement about a whole new interface for the PS3" lol

interrergator4330d ago

ik i thought it was too i was excited wen i saw that and then got shot down

D4RkNIKON4330d ago

Same here, I also thought it was going to be a new interface or new functions. But again.. nothing

FamilyGuy4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

I thought i'd be an app. Sony's happy with their interface so the only thing i see them doing is releasing things that make it better, not changing it from what we're already use to.

It'd be cool if these kind of events happened in the States, it'd be great advertising/publicity since north america favors the 360 so much.

Axecution4330d ago

I was kind of afraid the xmb was gonna go. I was like "Wtf!? NO". XD So yeah, it was pretty much good news that it wasn't that.

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blahblah1234330d ago

Ah I know the Hankyu line well. The Umeda station is pretty close to the Namco arcade. Anybody out there knows the Gundam Senjō no Kizuna and how easy it is to go broke playing that game and then head out to get some Yakisoba. Ahhhh, Osaka. Good times.

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