Can't We Just Get Along?

With Co-op gaming taking precedent in several recent games such as Resident Evil 5 and Left 4 Dead, Gameztraffic writer Mike Alfus explores whether or not Cooperative gaming's new found success is the single player experience's failing.

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CypH3921d ago

as soon as certain gamers realize that their console is no where near next gen.

CypH3921d ago

what was it about? it board me as soon as I click full article. I saw some multiplatform games and left 4 dead.

Dead_Cell3921d ago

In your mad rush to fanboy the hell out of the article you must have missed it.

CypH3921d ago

xbox fans: it's all about the graphics.
ps2 fans: our games are better.

xbox360: it's all about the gameplay.
ps3: our gameplay is better and looks better