GameDaily: Most Wanted Sequels

Much like Hollywood, the video game industry loves sequels from Activision pimping its Guitar Hero to franchise to Square Enix smothering everyone with Final Fantasys. With that, GameDaily came up with a list of our most wanted sequels, a group of upcoming (and even unannounced) games that belong in stores ASAP.

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dragonburner4330d ago

The God of War section made me disregard everything else because if Killzone 2, Infamous, and Uncharted, among others can't get you to "wipe away the dust" You're a fanboy.

lloyd_wonder4330d ago

It's Chris Buffa, he does it to get a rise out of PS3 fans. Otherwise, it's just a lame comment. The PS3 has had two AAA exclusives and inFamous this year. All of which are exclusives rated higher than any 360 exclusive.

The PS3 had two AAA exclusives last year, compared to just one for the 360. Which was an overrated Gears 2 with broken online. Not to mention, Little Big Planet is the highest rated next gen exclusive.

The PS3 will also have more AAA titles this year than any other platform.