Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Speed Expansion Packs A Bag Full of Destruction

"VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! New Motorstorm: Pacific Rift expansion pack has hit the PlayStation Store, called the Speed Pack. The Speed Pack is the first of a two part expansion pack for Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, which is called the Speed Weekend. The other expansion pack is called the Adrenaline Pack, which should be releasing soon."

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Nick2120044332d ago

This expansion is definitely a steal for all Motorstorm: Pacific Rift owners out there.

Incognegro4332d ago

wow, I didn't even know Motorstorm: PR was having an expansion released... might want to look into it.

jBat174332d ago

if you love the speed mode in PR..

also the 3 tracks are awesome.. and the track variants are very different from the original

remanutd554332d ago

man i love the new tracks and the new monster truck wow!!! im trying to the the speed weekend right now ,been online trying to race on the new tracks but no luck yet , does anyone been racing on them online??? beautiful tracks indeed

killajd4331d ago

The expansions are going to be sick and make this Racing game even better!!!