IGN: The Punisher: No Mercy Review

IGN writes: "The Punisher: No Mercy is a pretty bad game all around. The somewhat interesting upgrade mechanics don't help overcome the numerous problems: a super-short (and boring) single-player mode, laggy online play, almost complete lack of feedback when hitting someone, bland level designs, and a good deal more. There's just not really anything to like here, unfortunately".

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Greywulf4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

"More unreal engine trash?"

Im glad games like this will no longer be getting a pass for just throwing explosions at customers. Spend some time designing a good game, and the graphics wont hardly matter.No wonder there was no demo.I have to question ALL Punisher previewers though... IGN didn't notice that while previewing the game? I feel like these guys puff up stuff just to knock it down later.

At the same time I cant help but question the level of polish a PSN title needs? Or Single Player length for an online game... laggy online is definitely a legit problem.. but that can be resolved with patches.

I passed on it because Im not buying anymore unreal engine titles in general. Just the turn&burn development cycles behind them generally turn me off.

Sangria4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

The game is not that bad but it has a clear lack of content and online is quite laborious. A wasted potential.

lloyd_wonder4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Too Human, Halo Wars, Star Ocean

Why are you in a PS3 article? Oh. How the hypocrisy boils!

The Master Chief4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Halo Wars scored in the 80's(the same as Infamous...the sales Flop), Star Ocean the 70's and this the 40's.


Soldierone4333d ago

they take a risk and actually make a real game for PSN instead of the same old puzzle and arcade games we get constintly and it automaticly means it a horrible game....couldnt disagree more with that review. ITS A PSN GAME! so dont be expecting the next Killzone 2 from it...duh.

Megaton4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

Being a PSN game doesn't give it the right to suck. There are PSN titles out there that are better than most $60 games. I regretfully bought Punisher: No Mercy, and can declare it is absolute crap, a waste of money even at $10.

Sad thing is, CellFactor is another $10 PSN/XBL FPS that runs on the Unreal Engine and it has gone completely under the radar, despite being pretty damn fun.

callahan094332d ago

Really, Xiphos? I played the demo of CellFactor, and bought The Punisher, and I prefer the Punisher to the CellFactor demo. The Punisher has pretty poor animation, but CellFactor is even worse, but more-over, I just really prefer the level designs of The Punisher. It has really nice level designs, in my opinion, and the points system with weapon upgrades and armor upgrades and all of that is nice, and the active and passive boosters you can earn and apply to yourself is really nice. The single-player is too short and the story is worthless, but the multiplayer is fun and has more depth than I expected for a 10 dollar downloadable title.

Megaton4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

I didn't play the demo of CellFactor, a friend shared the full game with me, so I dunno what was shown/playable in the demo, but I really like it. The graphics and design are nothing to write home about, but it's pretty fun to play. People keep drawing comparisons of Punisher to Unreal Tournament, and as a UT fan, I think it's pretty insulting. CellFactor actually does kinda resemble UT.

I hate how much time you spend in the lobby in Punisher's multiplayer, and it feels like you're firing off rounds from an Airsoft gun. That whole upgrade system kinda fails online too. A person on a streak can dominate a whole room.

Socomer 19794333d ago

remember the punisher game on the ps2 that was so good? yeah , this psn punisher is nothing like that. its just like 10 bucks worth of ut3 for trophies but i tell you what... i seriously want to play the punisher no mercy some more for trophies.

There will be another day this summer where i will be in the UT3 mood & The punisher no mercy if fixed is great to warm up with. im giving the benefit of the doubt here. I have no regrets but i did skip on the motorstorm speed expansion to play this & i LOVE motorstorm. its cool i have another 10 bucks in the change jar begging to be spent next weekend. Fortunatly, I dont pay to play online.

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