NZGamer: Tales of Vesperia Review

NZGamer writes: "My biggest gripe with Tales of Vesperia is cosmetic, so let me say that while it bugs the hell out of me, it doesn't detract from the overall playability of the title. The writing, and the voice acting, is pretty effing terrible. It's not that hard to write good, believable dialogue - there are people who specialise in it, anyway, whether it be for naturalising TV and film script or clearing up the natter of characters in a short story, and they're always for hire. I don't ever think that a translation argument holds much weight, either. The characters have about two phrases each in battle, and they are incredibly repetitive. The music isn't bad, but the strange and disjointed sound effects completely lift you out of any sort of immersive reverie. It's lucky the game excels everywhere else. A film with bad scripting will fail epically: a game can only scrape through because it has that level of interactive control. That's no excuse for rubbishing a highly involved, well thought out and complex story by a crappy means of telling it, however".

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